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Date: 6/20/2008 9:01:42 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time

Mayor Robert J. Duffy and Chief of Police David T. Moore today joined New York State Assemblymember Susan John, New York State Senator Joe Robach, Director of the Public Safety Initiatives Center, John Klofas and neighborhood leaders at a press conference to announce the official launch of the City’s Surveillance Camera project.

“I’m proud to say that, working together, we will be able to make our city safer using the most advanced technologies available to apprehend criminal offenders,” said Mayor Duffy. “This project required tremendous collaboration. I want to thank Assemblymember John, Senator Robach, City Council and the Rochester Police Department, Professor John Klofas and all of the neighborhood associations involved for their outstanding partnership. In concert with the efforts of our local policeofficers and of concerned neighbors, these cameras will help us ensure our citizens are safe and can feel safe.”

“The surveillance camera is one more tool that we can utilize to continue our fight against gangs, guns and drugs,” said Chief Moore. “The cameras in conjunction with our other efforts will undoubtedly continue to enhance the safety of our community.”

“These cameras will provide another tool for the Rochester Police Department to use for the protection of our citizens,” said Assemblymember Susan John. “I know from hearing the stories from many families in our community that crime is the number one issue affecting the quality of life for them and their children. They asked me if I could help get surveillance cameras in their neighborhood to help discourage those who commit crime. After consulting with Chief Moore, I went out and fought for the funding to help families stay safe in their neighborhood and homes Today is the next step in using a new technology to help police serve and protect our community.”

“I am very pleased to have worked with Mayor Bob Duffy, the Rochester Police Department and area community leaders to secure this funding to improve public safety throughout our city,” said Senator Joe Robach. “We owe our very best efforts to these families so they can feel safe walking
along the streets in their our neighborhoods. These cameras will assist law enforcement in the apprehension of criminals and will hopefully serve as a deterrent to crime in these communities.”

The project began in late 2006 when Mayor Duffy proposed funding for twenty-five surveillance cameras. Funding obtained by Assemblymember John ($250,000) and Senator Robach ($150,000) enabled the City to purchase twenty-five additional cameras for overt surveillance of the city’s streets. Each camera costs approximately $23,000. There are twelve surveillance cameras currently mounted on neighborhood corners, with thirty-eight more cameras slated to be in place by mid-summer The cameras have already helped law enforcement officers make seven arrests.

The mobile, state-of-the-art cameras are able to zoom, pan and tilt to 360Âș. The command center is located in police headquarters at the Public Safety Building and the cameras will be monitored by employees assigned to the police department, such as light-duty police officers and public safety aides.

“The installation of these cameras is vital to the safety of ourcity,” said City Council President Gladys Santiago. “I hope they will add both to residents’ safety and to their sense of security in and around their own neighborhoods.”

PLEASE NOTE: It was LONA's Pam Davis' inquiry that lead to Assemblywoman Susan John giving the Lyell-Otis area the $250,000 that was mentioned in the above press release.
This money was to be spent HERE, to help improve our neighborhood's safety. Unfortunately, NOT ONE CAMERA of the TEN PROMISED TO LONA BY MAYOR DUFFY has been delivered as of June 29th, 2008.
Instead, we were told that OUR MONEY went into a fund that set up the surveillance system. LYELL-OTIS' $250,000 has been mismanaged! 
OUR MONEY, for which we are VERY GRATEFUL to Assemblywoman John to grant us, WAS TO BUY TEN CAMERAS FOR THE LYELL-OTIS NEIGHBORHOOD, and that was only to start us off! We were supposed to get more cameras afterward, along with the other areas of the city, as funds allowed.
Lyell-Otis Neighborhood Association members and officers are very saddened, disappointed, and feel victimized by our city's government.
We will continue to work to improve this area, but we feel that our needs and concerns are not being met by our current city representatives. We look forward to speaking with them, and hopefully, get this rectified as soon as possible. Our $250,000 is too valuable to us, and we won't be robbed by those who we elected to protect us!
(Please also note: Carla Palumbo is a wonderful supporter of LONA, and is not meant to be lumped in with those that we take issue with! **Thank you, Carla, for all you do to help us!**)

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