Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Flower City Work Camp information from the Lyell Avenue NET Office

FYI to all: I received this message from our NET's Jose Cruz. ~ Pam 11/21/06


This is quick reminder that the Flower City Work Camp is looking for homes to add to their list of home needing repair for this years upcoming work camp.  They are looking specifically for homeowners who are disabled, handicapped or "fall between the cracks".  They are especially interested in helping those individuals who need assistance but are not eligible for grants.     

The person power is provided by Junior and High School students under the expert supervision of adult leaders.  The work will be done over the Spring Break period, April 10th - 12, 2007.  Last year some 40 homes received basic roof repairs, cleaning, siding and painting.  Please note: these repairs are limited to the first floor only. 

There is no cost to the homeowners!

If you know of someone who would benefit from this program, please contact Roy Hodgson at 422.3302 or 377.4277.  

Thank you.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Update: Blue Bunny ice cream truck

There had been a Blue Bunny ice cream truck that was seen in operation over this past summer/fall, selling ice cream well after dusk, even past 10pm! It was a matter of concern to many area neighbors.

Ms. John looked in this problem, and contacted the city on behalf of LONA.

Please read the letters at your convenience. This seasonal problem should not resurface for at least a few months, but if you notice any other oddities in our area, please let LONA officers know. ~ Pam

A Book For All Seasons - from the City of Rochester

This is a great publication created by the City of Rochester. I am placing it on our website to help inform area residents, new and old, on how everyone can help improve our area's quality of life.

~ Pam

Thursday, November 16, 2006

For Immediate Release: Lyell-Otis Neighborhood Assoc. Christmas Party to be held December 11, 2006

The Lyell-Otis Neighborhood Association will be holding its Christmas Party on Monday, December 11th, 2006. All Lyell-Otis area residents (especially those who are new to our neighborhood) are welcome!  

Please bring a dish to pass, as well as your family, and share in the yuletide festivities! Come meet your friendly neighbors over Pam's famous deviled eggs!   :)

This party will be held from 7:00pm to 8:30pm at the Lyell Branch Library, located at 956 Lyell Avenue. Parking is available in two adjacent lots.  

The Lyell-Otis neighborhood is improving step by step --- come and be a part of the renewal and revitalization!

Also, our neighborhood cookbook will be available for sale, and makes a wonderful anytime gift!

Please note, that LONA will not meet during the months of January and February, as many members find it hard to attend due to the harsh winter weather, and the colds that trouble us, at that time of year.

For more information or clarification, please email Pamela R. Davis, Secretary, Lyell-Otis Neighborhood Association at NiceNRG@aol.com or call Bob Van Sice, Vice-President, Lyell-Otis Neighborhood Association at (585) 458-3784.

LONA Meeting Minutes of November 13, 2006 - COMING SOON!!

LONA Meeting Minutes of November 13, 2006

Meeting began at 7:05pm (due to the television news coverage interviewing our President and Vice President before we got started)

Sector 3 awards at the Citizen's Assembly: 

Librarian Tom Blanda was awarded and thanked for his exemplary public service, and four special Lyell-Otis homes were recognized as being outstanding and beautiful assets to our neighborhood! 

Security Cameras:

LONA thanked NYS Assemblywoman Susan John (via her assistant, Ms. Malec) for allocating funds to target our neighborhood's increased security efforts. 

LONA thanked Ms. John for looking into the Blue Bunny ice cream truck issue as well. (letters can be seen online)

JP Riley Park Support Letters:

- LONA needs support letters from our neighbors to help us secure a grant that would improve the playground at the JP Riley park on Santee Street, between Otis and Emerson Streets. - The equipment is hazardous and needs to be updated for our children's safety. Strong Memorial Hospital and Allstate Insurance are donating $60,000 to renovate this playground. -This site was selected due to the many injuries of young children reported due to the dilapidated state of the equipment. -The neighborhood qualified for help because we are low-income, and have many young children in need of a safe play area. - Once completed, it will rival the renovations completed at the Maplewood Park and other Monroe County parks!

Please send your letter to Mike Visconte c/o the Lyell Avenue NET office as soon as possible! Thanks!



JP Riley Park - Support Letters Needed!

LONA needs your help!

We have the chance to get a grant to update and improve our JP Riley Park, but we need to show that area residents are interested in this opportunity.

Please use this letter as an example. Put in your own words to personalize it. Please ask your friends and neighbors to write letters as well.

Mail the letters to:

          LONA President, Mike Visconte

          c/o Lyell Avenue NET Office

          492 Lyell Avenue

          Rochester, NY 14606

Thanks for your help!! This will be a great improvement for our neighborhood!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

LONA Meeting Minutes of October 16th, 2006

Lyell-Otis Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes of October 16th, 2006

Meeting Began: 7:05pm
September’s meeting minutes were approved.
- the % increased too much; very unusual for our nice area!
NET’s CPO Steve Boily
- police are still shorthanded; it’s possible Steve might get a partner in February 2007
- no lieutenant at the NET office; our area supervised by Lt. Cree from the Lake Section
- no more noise details at this time
- prostitution details: 1- 2 times per week for 2 hour periods
- 6 weeks averaged 100 girls per week
- police have been shifted to attend to other duties, not available to do more details, as there must be a minimum of 10-12 officers per detail
- around mid-November, maybe, we’ll get more officers back to complete a large scale detail
- Aab St is #1 on police’s list, but officers must maintain constitutionality and procedures/policies to make solid arrests; officer’s hands are tied
* call the Mayor’s Office ~ 428-7045 ~ to request more action *
NET Inspector Chuck Stechna - working with the property owners whenever possible
NET Administrator Jose Cruz - contact your county legislator, senator, and city council
- surveillance was discussed: digital not useful, as it could be tampered with; must use film and videotape
NET REPORT - Administrator Jose Cruz
- approx. 450 volunteers helped in the Fall Clean Sweep!  
     “Thank You” to all who participated!
- the Certificate of Use (C of U) will be enacted again to help get rid of problem/bad businesses
- strapped for police; we only have Steve and Dave
Chuck added: re prostitution, LA 230's Jennifer Wolfly works with the CPOs
- looking at ways to tackle the problem; improve services to the women in and out of jail
- trying to get funding for billboards, asthe “johns” are just as much a part of the problem
- looking to get matching grants with local businesses
LONA’s President Mike Visconte
- in his past experience, Mary Magdalene house was not effective at helping the women
*PLEASE NOTE* - the current efforts by Jennifer W., in tandem with our CPOs, are wonderful, but more resources need to be made available to Mary Magdalene house, LONA, and our Lyell Avenue NET office to combat this ongoing problem.
- many people are dissatisfied with the actions of the NET and local government
- Sector 3's Candidate Night was on Thursday October 12th
- Sector 3's Citizen’s Assembly will be on October 23rd at Edgerton Community Recreation Center’s Stardust Ballroom at 6pm, catered by Petrillo’s
- LONA’s next meeting will be on prostitution - we will have many guest speakers

- ## Aab St is a BAD drug house, he knows and is working with police and residents to close it
- re: cameras - looking for donations to use around #30 school, and on Chase St as well
Mr. Stevenson described an incident last year at Charlotte High School
- there had been problems in the area by kids skipping classes and bothering residents and younger #43 school kids
     - he met with the RCSD and told them to take care of the kids
     - he also gave residents a number to call the school directly if they saw students out of class
- there are 4 floors in Charlotte HS, but they only had 3 security people, one of whom stayed at the front door
- there are now 5 total security people, one per floor and one for the front entrance
- there is a vice principle of security, whose phone number was given to area residents on a magnet if they needed to reach her, as well as 18 cameras mounted outside the building
- Councilman Stevenson and 10 volunteers helped patrol the area on the first day of school
- 12 students were caught skipping classes on that day
- after having their pictures taken, 9 went back to school, 3 ran and got on a bus
- not 1 truant since!!!
- W.A.V.E. (Warrants Arrests Violations Evictions) reinstated - ## Aab St still has bullet holes
- Councilman Stevenson will ask CPO Minnik to contact “resident X” from Aab St
- Matthew Finger reported his guns were stolen, and when police investigated, they found crack and pot in his possession! He’ll serve 7 years in jail and 5 on parole; FCC came in to help as well
- surprised this hadn’t been brought to her attention!
- looked into the Blue Bunny ice cream truck issue, there currently aren’t any listed hours of operation on the permit
- question of residency restrictions for sex offenders, currently none in Monroe County
LONA’s Security - Franklin Louk
- caught the pickup truck on Wolff St/Rogers Ave leaving big mess/rocks
- re: A+ Sunoco on corner of Sunset and Lyell has had 90 calls for police service and one arrest
- we would like to see it closed from at least 2 am to 6 am, not open 24 hours a day!
Meeting Adjourned: 8:40pm