Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Glide St. Public Improvement Project

The "Planning Phase" of this project is underway!
If you, or any interested neighbor in the Glide Street or Lyell-Otis area, want to attend and have input to this project, the public meeting date is:
Thursday 01-11-07 at 7:00 PM
Location: School #43 - in the auditorium
Final Design Features: pavement, sidewalks, driveway aprons, curbing, water services, tree plantings, and other items required to complete the project will be covered.
There will be a question/discussion part after presentation.
This is our chance to voice our opinion while it can still effect the final job.
Please let any residents that use Glide Street know about this meeting!


Councilmember at Large Carolee A. Conklin, Chair of Council's Housing and Community Development Committee, announced that her Committee has scheduled ten meetings (one in each neighborhood planning sector) to discuss the future of the City's nationally recognized Neighbors Building Neighborhoods (NBN) program. 
NBN has received several awards and has been the subject of conference presentations given by Councilmembers around the country.  Nonetheless, the natural life cycle of this initiative may be winding down, and it is time to reflect upon NBN and Sector groups, so that this important community planning model can be re-tooled and strengthened.
NBN has been at the heart of citizen participation in City government and community consensus building in neighborhoods for the past twelve years. NBN enables residents to create common goals and collaborate with City staff to reach those goals. 
This groundbreaking initiative has made citizen input integral to City decision-making, from budget allocations to land use planning to street improvements. Certainly, NBN has done much of what it set out to do.
But despite much success, participation in NBN seems to be dwindling city-wide.  It is time to take a step back and get a fresh look at the concept of NBN and the Sector structure. 
All residents and business owners are invited to attend these public forums called, "Pizza and Planning:  Public Input on the Future of NBN". Participants will be invited to share experiences from their neighborhoods to help develop new ways to increase both the level of neighborhood participation and the quality of community planning.
"Pizza and Planning" sessions will be held between 5:30-7pm for each Sector in the following locations:
Monday, Jan. 8, Sector 2, Marshall H.S. Auditorium, 180 Ridgeway Ave.
Tuesday, Jan. 9, Sector 1, Charlotte H.S. Auditorium, 4115 Lake Ave
Monday, Jan. 22, Sector 3, Edgerton Rec., Stardust Ballrm., 41 Backus St.
Tuesday, Jan. 23, Sector 4, Danforth Community Center, 200 West Ave.
Monday, Jan. 29, Sector 5, B&L Library, Kate Gleason Auditorium, 115 South Ave.
Tuesday, Jan. 30, Sector 6, St. John's Home, 150 Highland Ave.
Monday, Feb. 5, Sector 7, Cobbs Hill Rec., Lake Riley Lodge at Norris & Culver
Tuesday, Feb. 6, Sector 8, Dazzle Theatre, 112 Webster Ave.
Monday, Feb.26, Sector 10, Clinton-Baden Rec. Center at School #9, 485 N. Clinton Ave.
Tuesday, Feb.27, Sector 9, Lincoln Branch Library, 851 Joseph Ave.