Tuesday, August 14, 2007

August 13th Emergency Meeting Minutes

SPECIAL LONA Meeting 8-13-2007 with Chief Sheppard, Commander Hoff, Lt. Prewasnicak.
Purpose: “Brainstorm the ways we may improve the LONA neighborhood”

Meeting was scheduled to start at 6:30 PM. It started at 6:45 PM


 - Commander Hoff informed us of the current Prostitute/John details. (2 per month)

- Chief Sheppard updated us on Cameras. (Proposals out look for late September or early October.

- Mike needs court docket to list on our web page arrests for prostitu so people can get this information. (It may help as a deterrent)



1.                  Warnings – "stops" for johns with known prostitutes

2.                  Legalization of prostitution

3.                  How do you do the “Bill Board” concept? (sending the right message)

4.                  Education for prostitutes - where they can go to get out of the lifestyle

5.                  Private fund for two police & a car to cover an area. (Not part of regular budget)

6.                  Grants

7.                  Photos online of plate numbers/johns in cars with known prostitutes

8.                  Ankle bracelets for prostitutes released from previous night's arrest

9.                  Health Department - currently involved with the LA230 group - FYI - The next meeting of the 230 Group will be at 5:30pm September 12, 2007 at Charles St. Settlement House.

10.              Parade to show the neighbor united

11.              City channel 12 - post arrested johns face and bio/info to embarrass them/deter from recidivism

12.              Phone tree (Neighborhood Watch)

13.              Pac-Tac  - need more boots on the ground

14.             Education for johns - what they are doing to our neighborhood and to their loved ones

15.              Compound for those who continue to spread diseases like AIDS/etc (actually happened in other countries - look it up)

16.              Put names/addresses in paper - Not only D&C

17.              Hot line # - Chief said for dispatch it may not be acceptable  (Duplicate 911)

18.              Live camera on Lyell/McNaughton and/or other "hot spots"

19.              Vigilantes (this idea was not encouraged!)

20.              Use ugly undercover decoys for John details (so they could blend in better)

21.              Youth (young adults 16yrs+) involvement - drivers with extra sets of eyes to text message and use camera phones, perhaps for school credit/public service hours

22.              Change laws - make prostitution have harsher penalties

23.              Check history - what has worked in other areas (city and county)

24.              Use businesses/churches for help

25.              Police support - more arrests, quicker response times

26.              Reports need to be generated for all quality of life nuisance calls (Crime information dispersed more timely to LONA - track patterns earlier, notify area/street's residents)

27.              Sue RPD

28.              Net support

29.              Support anonymity (as to who called)

30.              Beautify neighborhoods

31.              Occupy vacant houses - owner occupied housing encouraged

32.              County funds available to help our efforts

33.              Promote overall education in our neighborhood


Next meeting September 10, 2007 from 6 to 7 PM before our Regular LONA Meeting.

Come with your VISION of what our neighborhood should be when we are done.

What does Lyell-Otis look like at "the end"?

LONA's 2007-2008 School Year Meeting Schedule

LONA's 2007-2008
School Year Meeting Schedule
September 10
October 15
November 12
December 10
March 10
April 14
May 12
June 9
Meetings are held at the Lyell Branch Library,
located at 956 Lyell Avenue, from 7pm to 8:30pm.
Parking is available in two adjacent lots.
No child care is available at this time, but we are looking for a volunteer to read to LONA members' children in the library during our meetings. Perhaps a college student or junior/senior in high school would like to earn some community service credit? Please contact Pam at NiceNRG@aol.com if you are interested in helping!
No meetings are held in January or February
due to the harsh winter weather and illnesses.
Please note that the December meeting is LONA's Christmas Party!
It is a great time to network with your friendly neighbors!

Monday, August 6, 2007

National Night Out Against Crime - Sector 3 Style!

Sector 3, of which LONA is a member, will be holding it's National Night Out Against Crime event TONIGHT, Monday, August 6th - ALL ARE ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND!

We meet at 5PM at Edison High School on Colfax Street to prepare for the neighborhood car parade.

We will reconvene at Edgerton Community Recreation Center around 6PM, and enjoy some light refreshments, nice conversations, as well as face painting for the kids!

It's sure to be a fun time! We hope you will choose to participate!


Tuesday, August 7th is the Official National Night Out Against Crime, and we ask for you to participate by leaving your front/porch light on. This is a great evening to meet your neighbors, and to let the "bad" element in the area know that they are not welcome here, as we are a nice little bedroom community that does not tolerate illegal activities in our area! (So there! Ptthhww! LOL)