Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Meeting Minutes from LONA's TOWN MEETING - August 14th, 2006


Michael Visconte, President ---------- Robert Van Sice Vice President

Marian Batz, Treasurer ----------- Pam Davis, Secretary ------------ Frank Louk, Safety




Meeting was called to order by LONA President, Mike Visconte, at 7:05 PM,

- Introduced People at head table.

- Showed Pictures of LONA’s National Night Out Against Crime August 1, 2006

- Described normal agenda for regular Lyell-Otis Neighborhood Association meetings.


People at the head table spoke:


Assistant to Mayor Duffy - Darryl W. Porter

-         Mr. Porter welcomed everyone, and stated he was available for questions.


Molly Clifford, Director of Neighborhood Empowerment Teams

-         Introduced Jose Cruz and Charles Stechna from the Lyell Avenue Net Office.

-         Net focuses on neighborhood housing.

-         Lead paint project is underway at this time.

-         Lyell Net Office will be open Wednesday evenings until 8 PM.

-         Next “Clean Sweep” is October 14, 2006 in our area.


Fire Chief - Floyd Madison

-         “We want to prevent emergency problems before they happen and improve quality of life in neighborhoods by education.” (Eg. CERT training).

-         He provided handouts and phone numbers.


Temporary Police Commander - Captain Peter Leach

-         The police department is focusing on street corners, gun and drug arrests.

-         These, plus special attention from the vice squad and sheriff’s department on “Hot Spots” and noise details, are also current priorities.


Officer Steve Boily, CPO at the Lyell Net Office.

-         Covers Pac-Tac, noise control, and vice squad.

-         He also is working to get prostitutes off streets and into some type of rehab. He does this in conjunction with social workers.


Dana K. Miller, City Council

-         He is working on public safety, quality of life and other issues that are important.

-         He stated Pac-Tac is greatly needed.

-         He supports the curfew, and “Night Out” was great this year.


Representative for Gladys Santiago, City Council

-         Gladys worked on clean sweep

-         Works on prostitutes and drug issues through Mary Magdalene house.

-         Working on new housing plan to assist renters become owners, “call us for help”.


Robert J. Stevenson, City Council

-         Reviewed prostitution information, including current details.

-         Also reviewed court watch information.

-         Needs Court watchers from Lyell Otis.


John F. Lightfoot, City Council

-         Helped to enlarge fireworks display.

-         Working on starting ananti-litter campaign, mental health issues,reduce drug and alcohol use through education.


William F. Pritchard, City Council

-         Pleased that 7 of the 9 Council members were represented.

-         Would like more businesses in Lyell Ave neighborhood

-         Thinks noise ordinance enforcement is very important to accomplish this.

-         He feels NET is doing a good job in this area to enforce quality of life.


Adam C. McFadden, City Council

-         Chairman of public safety committee.

-         Working on curfew, and Quality for Kids committee at #30 and #43 Schools. (They need volunteers to be responsible adults in kids’ lives).


Representative for Carolee A. Conklin, City Council.

-         Carolee works with Pac-Tac, YWCA, and Anthony House.


From the audience:


Andrew Staucovitch, Charity “Friendship Helping Friends” - Needs tax free exemption same as charitable organizations


Resident from Cameron Street - Needs an area for children to play.


Rick Macural, “Rainbows of Faith” - Help youth with spiritual needs for life. They have marches for faith for the Kids.


Resident from Sunset Street - “Heat is On Committee” Disagree with RG&E budget proposal for October 2, 2006


- Several Residents talked on the prostitution situation in our neighborhood.

- It is wide spread and keeps moving. It never leaves the neighborhood completely.

- Resident pointed out that the Cordial Lounge adds to prostitution and buying and selling drugs.

- Resident pointed out that a drug house exists near the intersection of Avery and Palmyra Streets.

- This situation has encouraged the dropping off of prostitutes, leaving some of their cars and performing their activities in this area.


Meeting adjourned at 8:55 PM


Respectfully submitted by Marlene Van Sice

Friday, August 4, 2006

LONA's TOWN MEETING - August 14th, 2006

LONA's TOWN MEETING - Monday, August 14th, 2006

7pm at the Lyell Branch Library (956 Lyell Avenue)


LONA is pleased to announce that our guest speaker panel for this evening will include many of our local officials or their representatives: 

- Mayor Bob Duffy (or a member of his administration, in case a last minute emergency needs his attention that evening)

- Chief Of Police: David T. Moore

- Fire Chief: Floyd Madison

- City Council Members: Dana Miller, John Lightfoot, Adam McFadden, and Bob Stevenson

- NYS Assembly representative for Susan John

- Monroe County Legislature representative for Carla Palumbo

- the NET's Director: Molly Clifford


Also, our neighborhood cookbook will be available for sale, and makes a wonderful anytime gift!

For more information or clarification, please email Pamela R. Davis, Secretary, Lyell-Otis Neighborhood Association at or call Bob Van Sice, Vice-President, Lyell-Otis Neighborhood Association at (585) 458-3784.



We had wonderful attendance at this meeting!

Thanks to all the city officials and neighbors who joined in our kick-off event at the Lyell Branch Library!

We hope to see you at our next meeting on September 11, 2006! ~ Pam :)

FYI - Upcoming Meetings

The Lyell-Otis Neighborhood Association (LONA) meetings are held at the Lyell Branch Library, located at 956 Lyell Avenue - at 7:00pm:                     

                December 11, 2006

                   March 12, 2007

                     April 9, 2007

                     May 14, 2007

                     June 11, 2007

        No LONA meetings will be held in January or February.


           Please feel free to invite your neighbors!

     This is OUR neighborhood! Show your support!

Annual Dues are only $5.00 per family per year! (If you'd like, you can pay for two years at once for a total of only $9!) Dues go towards administative costs to operate this non-profit, all-volunteer organization. If you cannot afford to pay, we still hope that you will attend our meetings! We need everyone's input to help make neighborhood improvements! 

Moms and Dads: make a great investment in your kids' future! Children learn by watching what we do, so let's set a good example for them!

Help keep the Lyell-Otis neighborhood a nice place to live  - and instill in your children a good sense of civic pride! It's the right thing to do!

*** The next HOUSING MEETING will be held at the Lyell Avenue NET Office - contact Pam at to get the date and time!!

If you have any properties to report that are making our area look bad with trash, debris, or unsafe conditions, please let your neighborhood association know, as we will pass along the information to the NET officials.

*** The next PCIC MEETING will be held at 7:00pm on the first Tuesday of each month at the Westside Police Station 1099 Jay Street. If you have any questions regarding this meeting,contact Lieutenant John Smith or Commander Russ Corridi.

*** The People Of Dutchtown meet at Holy Family Church, located at the corner of Ames and Jay Streets, on the third Thursday of each month. All are welcome to attend!

*** Sector 3 Planning Committee meets at 6pm at the Lyell Branch Library's Community Meeting Room on the fourth Monday of each month.

*** Interfaith Action - Call 458-1180 for more information.

*** If you know of any other neighborhood meetings that I have not listed here, please email me and I will include them ASAP! Thanks for helping keep everyone up-to-date and in-the-know! ~ Pam :)