Friday, November 25, 2011

LONA Meeting - Nov 2011

A recent letter to the editor by a LONA homeowner - Nov.2011

A letter to the editor from one of our LONA homeowners.
Many may share her opinion. Some may not.
LONA is always glad when our citizens express their views on issues that they are passionate about.
We are glad when people speak up for themselves!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

LONA meeting - Oct 2011

Hi! It's Pam!
Yes, I've temporarily posted handwritten notes from our October meeting.
I wanted them to be available for perusal as soon as possible, and I haven't had a moment to type them yet. But, with the election coming up, I wanted to get any and all info out!

This is a wonderful community man, James Muscatella.

He is running as a WRITE IN candidate for the NW City Council seat.

To elect James Muscatella, please WRITE IN his name in Column 8, Row K, as shown in the sample ballot below.

Good Luck to all the NW City Council candidates!

Yes, these are messy, I agree. I will try to get these in a more legible form after getting my daughter home from swimming lessons this week! I thank you for your understanding!