Monday, March 14, 2011

2011 City Living Sundays

Won't you be my neighbor? :)

Beautiful homes are available,
but they are selling quickly!

Invest in your future, and in the future of Rochester!

Be a part of the Lyell-Otis neighborhood's rich history!

Meet some of us on March 27th
at School #43 from Noon until 4pm.
We hope to see YOU there!

City Living Sundays will be held on March 27 at Theodore Roosevelt School #43 from 12noon -4pm featuring the West side and April 3 at East High School from 12noon - 4pm featuring the East side.

City Living provides you with world-class services, convenience and great values on beautiful homes in Rochester! Join us for "How to Buy" Seminars, Affordablity Counseling by lending experts, loan deals, school and neighborhood information, open houses of over 100 homes, and information on the "First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit" of up to $8,000.

The Saturday before there will be a free bus tour of the homes for sale -- call 546x7029 x10 to register.

City Living Sundays is your one-stop, start to finish home buying experience in a fair-like atmosphere, complete with fantastic door prizes!

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MEETING TONIGHT! March 14th! 6:30pm - 7:15pm


The Abandoned Chem Sales Site (ACSF) consists of the 2.29 acre 1600 Jay Street property. The site is located in a mixed residential and industrial area in the City of Rochester, Monroe County. The parcel is situated near the intersection of Jay Street and Dodge Street. An approximate 11,000 square foot, single story block construction building that is slab-on-grade is the only structure located on the 1600 Jay Street property. With the exception of a grassy area north of the site building, the majority of the site is covered with an asphalt and gravel parking surface.

The property is zoned commercial and is used by a plumbing and heating and ventilation contractor. The property is bordered immediately to the west by the Rochester and Southern Railroad. Further to the west beyond the railroad, the site is bordered by the Valeo Former GM - Delco Chassis Facility (site number 828099). Single and multi-tenant residential buildings border the site to the south and east.

Property ownership records indicate that Chemical Sales Corp. purchased both 1600 Jay Street and the adjacent parcel to the north, 105 Dodge Street, in 1952. Chemical Sales Corp. retained 105 Dodge Street until August 1972. In 1994 the Chemical Sales Corp. filed for bankruptcy and sold 1600 Jay Street to M.A. Ferrauilo Plumbing. M.A. Ferrauilo Plumbing is the current owner of 1600 Jay Street.

Data collected during a Preliminary Site Assessment (PSA) in 2001 and the RI document the presence of high concentration of VOCs in site soil and groundwater. Specifically, chlorinated solvents, including cis-1,2-DCE is present in groundwater at concentrations of 65,000 ppb to 110,000 ppb and vinyl chloride is present in groundwater at concentrations of 18,000 ppb to 44,000 ppb. Investigation data did not provide information on when and for what duration disposal actually occurred at the site. The data does generally show that past solvent handling practices has contributed to the on-site and off-site solvent contamination.

Data collected during the PSA, identified PCBs in a single groundwater sample from a monitoring well located on the 105 Dodge Street property at an estimated concentration of 0.41 ppb. The 105 Dodge Street property was originally included in the site listing because of the presence of PCBs in this groundwater sample. Based on data collected during the remedial investigation documenting that PCBs are not present in soil and groundwater on 105 Dodge Street and the data demonstrating that contamination is limited to the 1600 Jay Street parcel and off-site to the south, the 105 Dodge Street parcel was separated from the site boundary in May 2010 and not subject to further investigation as part of the hazardous waste site investigation for ACSF.

Site geology consists of a thin veneer of a fine sandy silt overlying a medium dark gray dolomite. The thickness of overburden ranges from approximately 5 feet to 10 feet. The groundwater table in the vicinity of the site is present in the fractured bedrock and occurs at a depth of approximately 10 to 15 feet beneath the ground surface. In general, groundwater flow is to the south, but the presence of a sewer line set in the bedrock beneath Jay Street and the Valeo Former GM - Delco Chassis Facility significantly influences groundwater flow.

The site remedial program is being performed by the Department under the NYS Superfund program. In 2002, the Department first identified the site as a Potential (P) site following investigation and remediation activities at a nearby site that was also operated by the Chemical Sales Corporation (828086). As a result of identified hazardous waste disposal being confirmed during the PSA, the Department listed the site as a Class 2 site in the Registry of Inactive Hazardous Waste Disposal Sites in New York in April 2002. A remedial investigation and feasibility study was started in November 2006.

Jason Pelton
Project Manager
Remedial Bureau E
Division of Environmental Remediation
Ph: 402-9478 or 1-888-459-8667
Fax: 402-9819