Thursday, November 16, 2006

LONA Meeting Minutes of November 13, 2006 - COMING SOON!!

LONA Meeting Minutes of November 13, 2006

Meeting began at 7:05pm (due to the television news coverage interviewing our President and Vice President before we got started)

Sector 3 awards at the Citizen's Assembly: 

Librarian Tom Blanda was awarded and thanked for his exemplary public service, and four special Lyell-Otis homes were recognized as being outstanding and beautiful assets to our neighborhood! 

Security Cameras:

LONA thanked NYS Assemblywoman Susan John (via her assistant, Ms. Malec) for allocating funds to target our neighborhood's increased security efforts. 

LONA thanked Ms. John for looking into the Blue Bunny ice cream truck issue as well. (letters can be seen online)

JP Riley Park Support Letters:

- LONA needs support letters from our neighbors to help us secure a grant that would improve the playground at the JP Riley park on Santee Street, between Otis and Emerson Streets. - The equipment is hazardous and needs to be updated for our children's safety. Strong Memorial Hospital and Allstate Insurance are donating $60,000 to renovate this playground. -This site was selected due to the many injuries of young children reported due to the dilapidated state of the equipment. -The neighborhood qualified for help because we are low-income, and have many young children in need of a safe play area. - Once completed, it will rival the renovations completed at the Maplewood Park and other Monroe County parks!

Please send your letter to Mike Visconte c/o the Lyell Avenue NET office as soon as possible! Thanks!



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