Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Flower City Work Camp information from the Lyell Avenue NET Office

FYI to all: I received this message from our NET's Jose Cruz. ~ Pam 11/21/06


This is quick reminder that the Flower City Work Camp is looking for homes to add to their list of home needing repair for this years upcoming work camp.  They are looking specifically for homeowners who are disabled, handicapped or "fall between the cracks".  They are especially interested in helping those individuals who need assistance but are not eligible for grants.     

The person power is provided by Junior and High School students under the expert supervision of adult leaders.  The work will be done over the Spring Break period, April 10th - 12, 2007.  Last year some 40 homes received basic roof repairs, cleaning, siding and painting.  Please note: these repairs are limited to the first floor only. 

There is no cost to the homeowners!

If you know of someone who would benefit from this program, please contact Roy Hodgson at 422.3302 or 377.4277.  

Thank you.

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