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LONA's Meeting Minutes of September 11, 2006

Lyell-Otis Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes of September 11, 2006

Meeting Began at 7pm, discussion of August’s minutes, and introduction of guest speakers.

Announcements: President Mike welcomed the fire fighters to our meeting.

August’s Minutes were approved.

Vice President Bob reviewed the August meeting neighbor comments:

- regarding the prostitution issue: LONA officers have been working with the police and Councilman Bob Stevenson to get the prostitutes and "johns" arrested and out of our area.

- Bob went over an example of what information the police need to receive from neighbors to help them do their jobs: what is happening - drugs, prostitution, graffiti; who is involved - describe the people; what time is the activity happening; any license plate numbers or descriptions of vehicles.

Vince Rizzo, Assistant District Attorney was in attendance to hear our concerns, & let us know what steps are being taken to fix the problems of drugs and prostitution in the Lyell Avenue area

Susan John, NYS Assemblywoman will look into the legality/permit of the ice cream truck that has been seen in the neighborhood at all hours of the day, as there may be drug activity going on.


- Lyell-Otis had four robberies, which is a high number, and not normal in our neighborhood

- the department is still shorthanded, 2 officers instead of 4; one will return after Thanksgiving

- re: prostitutes - 2 details yielded 28 arrests!

- fewer details will be held in the coming months, due to fewer available personnel.

- noise details are down to 1 or 2 per week, giving police time to catch up on their "knock and talks", which they do about 20 per week, which yields about 1 drug arrest each week.

- police are working with the Mary Magdelene house to help get intervention services to the prostitutes; 3 of the details in August were able to get some help to approximately 40 women

- officers are stretched for time and can’t observe the prostitutes/drug dealers for 20 minutes to be able to verify that they are loitering or soliciting, as that would take up too much time from their other more immediate responsibilities

Assistant D.A. Rizzo- anyone can verify the activity, but still must get the police involved

- judges can only instructthe ladies to stay off of "X Ave", but cannot tell them where to live

- Lyell-Otis neighbors are fed up with the blatant actions of the prostitutes and "johns"

Susan John - updated LONA on the Sex Offender registry information

- new laws were enacted August 23, 2006; anyone already in the system will not be held to the new rules, making the whole situation a bit confusing

- Previously, Level 3's (the worst type of offenders) had to register, where the details of their crime, address, and photo would be listed for 10 years

- Level 2's or 1's registered less information, only some crime details, no specific address, photo not always available to the public

- All were supposed to keep their information current and check in with the police/parole officers

- Now, Level 3's are to be registered for life, Level 2's are now to be registered for 30 years with more information provided to the public, like address and photo.

- There is a detailed process for determining the requirements, as these people have been convicted at different times, and are not subject to the same laws. If they were convicted in other states and moved to NY, they would have to register in NY as well.

- the DNA database has been expanded as well, so if the offense involves a child, the offender will be on the registry for life; as well as increasing the laws for predators on the internet

Assistant D.A. Rizzo

- no plea bargains for prostitutes; unfortunately many consider going to jail the cost of doing business.

- NYC and other big metro areas don’t want to go to jury trial, as the resources are too short to deal with so many criminals

Mike Duprey, Rochester Fire Department

- will give away fire detectors for free - JUST ASK!

- house numbers can also be given out at the NET office; should be contrasting color from house

- each fire station conducts from 200 to 500 inspections; currently reviewing which party is responsible for inspections (Fire Dept or NET)

CERT Training - next one scheduled for September 13th at 6pm at the Jones training center on Scottsville Road; trains for natural disasters/emergencies, as well as search and rescues and CPR

- CERT is part of Homeland Security funds

Judge Crowder running for city court; has worked in criminal law, and with Judge Schwartz

City Council Vice President Gladys Santiago - concerned about the police officer shortages

Jose Cruz, NET’s Administrator (428-7620)

TOP 15 List of Properties- update progress and monitor these homes; some are sold, others are demolished; concerns for seniors - Lifespan organization is helpful

- HG&W, unlicenced vehicles or parking on lawn, etc

- some things are taken care of quickly, others take more time

- Oct. 14th Fall Clean Sweep - 8:30am - Edgerton Recreation Community Center; need volunteers

Carla Palumbo, Monroe County Legislator - budget info, proposals are in,

- audit from the water authority, force an investigation; a report was promised to be in by 9-12-06

- D.A.’s office is looking into any criminal misbehavior, as unethical behavior is not prosecutable

- majority are trying to push the budget deadline back past election day, giving less time for debate and review; no democrats will vote for this

- always can make your opinion known, and request to speak at the meeting by calling 753-1950

Neighbor’s Request - could Dr. Doniger speak to LONA on the prostitution issue?

Meeting Adjourned: 8:40pm

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