Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Meeting Minutes from LONA's TOWN MEETING - August 14th, 2006


Michael Visconte, President ---------- Robert Van Sice Vice President

Marian Batz, Treasurer ----------- Pam Davis, Secretary ------------ Frank Louk, Safety




Meeting was called to order by LONA President, Mike Visconte, at 7:05 PM,

- Introduced People at head table.

- Showed Pictures of LONA’s National Night Out Against Crime August 1, 2006

- Described normal agenda for regular Lyell-Otis Neighborhood Association meetings.


People at the head table spoke:


Assistant to Mayor Duffy - Darryl W. Porter

-         Mr. Porter welcomed everyone, and stated he was available for questions.


Molly Clifford, Director of Neighborhood Empowerment Teams

-         Introduced Jose Cruz and Charles Stechna from the Lyell Avenue Net Office.

-         Net focuses on neighborhood housing.

-         Lead paint project is underway at this time.

-         Lyell Net Office will be open Wednesday evenings until 8 PM.

-         Next “Clean Sweep” is October 14, 2006 in our area.


Fire Chief - Floyd Madison

-         “We want to prevent emergency problems before they happen and improve quality of life in neighborhoods by education.” (Eg. CERT training).

-         He provided handouts and phone numbers.


Temporary Police Commander - Captain Peter Leach

-         The police department is focusing on street corners, gun and drug arrests.

-         These, plus special attention from the vice squad and sheriff’s department on “Hot Spots” and noise details, are also current priorities.


Officer Steve Boily, CPO at the Lyell Net Office.

-         Covers Pac-Tac, noise control, and vice squad.

-         He also is working to get prostitutes off streets and into some type of rehab. He does this in conjunction with social workers.


Dana K. Miller, City Council

-         He is working on public safety, quality of life and other issues that are important.

-         He stated Pac-Tac is greatly needed.

-         He supports the curfew, and “Night Out” was great this year.


Representative for Gladys Santiago, City Council

-         Gladys worked on clean sweep

-         Works on prostitutes and drug issues through Mary Magdalene house.

-         Working on new housing plan to assist renters become owners, “call us for help”.


Robert J. Stevenson, City Council

-         Reviewed prostitution information, including current details.

-         Also reviewed court watch information.

-         Needs Court watchers from Lyell Otis.


John F. Lightfoot, City Council

-         Helped to enlarge fireworks display.

-         Working on starting ananti-litter campaign, mental health issues,reduce drug and alcohol use through education.


William F. Pritchard, City Council

-         Pleased that 7 of the 9 Council members were represented.

-         Would like more businesses in Lyell Ave neighborhood

-         Thinks noise ordinance enforcement is very important to accomplish this.

-         He feels NET is doing a good job in this area to enforce quality of life.


Adam C. McFadden, City Council

-         Chairman of public safety committee.

-         Working on curfew, and Quality for Kids committee at #30 and #43 Schools. (They need volunteers to be responsible adults in kids’ lives).


Representative for Carolee A. Conklin, City Council.

-         Carolee works with Pac-Tac, YWCA, and Anthony House.


From the audience:


Andrew Staucovitch, Charity “Friendship Helping Friends” - Needs tax free exemption same as charitable organizations


Resident from Cameron Street - Needs an area for children to play.


Rick Macural, “Rainbows of Faith” - Help youth with spiritual needs for life. They have marches for faith for the Kids.


Resident from Sunset Street - “Heat is On Committee” Disagree with RG&E budget proposal for October 2, 2006


- Several Residents talked on the prostitution situation in our neighborhood.

- It is wide spread and keeps moving. It never leaves the neighborhood completely.

- Resident pointed out that the Cordial Lounge adds to prostitution and buying and selling drugs.

- Resident pointed out that a drug house exists near the intersection of Avery and Palmyra Streets.

- This situation has encouraged the dropping off of prostitutes, leaving some of their cars and performing their activities in this area.


Meeting adjourned at 8:55 PM


Respectfully submitted by Marlene Van Sice

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