Wednesday, April 20, 2011

LONA Meeting Agenda of April 11th, 2011, Minutes from March 14th Meeting

Please print this "postcard" out, and mail it to Metro Justice, as they are collecting them to deliver to the School Board Meeting on April 28th.

Or, use the message as a starting point to compose your own message to the RCSD Board Members, and email them! (Save the postage!)

Malik Evans, Board President
131 W. Broad St. Rochester, NY 14614
(585) 423-2207

Jose Cruz, Vice-President
131 W. Broad Steet Rochester, NY 14614
(585) 262-8525

Melisza Campos
131 W. Broad Street Rochester, NY 14614
(585) 262-8525

Van Henri White
18 Grove Place Rochester, NY 14605
(585) 271-6780

Cynthia Elliott
131 W. Broad St. Rochester, NY 14614
(585) 262-8525

Willa Powell
395 Canterbury Road Rochester, NY 14607
(585) 442-8360

Allen Williams
131 W. Broad Street Rochester, NY 14614
(585) 262-8525

Thank you, Sarah! :)

This group is working tirelessly to help our neighborhood, as the prostitutes need social programs like this one to help them get out of the terrible life of the streets.

Sarah's essay was recently published in the D&C

Condoms don't prevent mental, spiritual breakdowns for users
Apr. 2, 2011

As a former prostitute/stripper transformed by the power of Jesus Christ, I am qualified to speak of the many emotionally, mentally and spiritually negative effects that occur in a person engaging in sexual behaviors before one's appointed time, which stay with a person long after he or she has had sex with or without a condom.

Those supporting greater access to condoms are not being completely truthful. A condom cannot protect against the emotional, mental and spiritual breakdown that occurs such as depression, guilt, lowered self-respect and fear of being in a true committed relationship. Promoting abstinence first, last and always, can guarantee our children will avoid premature childbearing and sexually transmitted diseases 100 percent of the time, while protecting against emotional problems, promiscuity and future marital breakups.

Health care experts want to hand out condoms to our children today, but tomorrow they will be handing out prescription drugs trying to undo the mental and emotional nightmares from which our adults will experience. A study by the National Institute of Health shows that condoms don't protect against chlamydia, syphilis and two other non-curable diseases, which are genital herpes and HPV.

Last month it was reported that 5 percent of Rochester high school graduates are college or workforce ready; how will they have greater success preparing our children emotionally for sex and family life?

How is it that there is funding for the distribution of condoms, but a shortage of funding for more important things such as more teachers, textbooks and art programs?
Our society was founded on Biblical principles; we've turned our back on the laws of God, and now we're turning our back on our children. We've allowed popular culture and the entertainment industry to influence and raise our children.

God has given us responsibilities to train our children in the way that they should go, so when they grow older they shall not depart from it. We are to test God's laws and see that they are true, perfect, and they do work 100 percent of the time.
God promises that if we humble ourselves before Him in prayer, repent and seek His righteous ways, then He will hear our prayers, restore our communities and heal our children.

Lenhard is the founder/director for Dream Again Ministries, which ministers to women in the sex trade.

LONA is glad to see our members/neighbors actively participating in our democratic process, and utilizing their right to free speech. We don't always have to agree on the choice of words, but we uphold every citizen's right to express themselves.

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