Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sector 3 Camera Requests

The locations I added to the camera request were the ones we discussed years ago, or very close to those, to the best of my memory. ... The locations are NOT finalized.

My Opinion, NOT LONA's:
I am not satisfied with the police department's handling of these cameras, as I really want us to be at the table when the actual cameras are ready to be placed. There is some committee/group that will be comprised of many different officials, but WE as citizens should have a seat there as well. ... [LONA lobbied for and was provided $250,000 in grant funds, and we have only one of the ten promised cameras as of today. (I am not sure where the one at Colfax and Ferrano is from. I don't ever recall hearing about high crimes over there, but if there are/were, I would hope that our LONA residents there would join us at our meetings, as we all want to work together to make our entire neighborhood better!)] ... I do not know if a date/time has been selected yet, but I do not feel well represented, as none of the neighborhood presidents have been invited, nor the sector leaders. It seems that someone from the quadrant will be speaking for everyone, but they might not have our interests in mind.

The locations I suggested, to be added to those that were formally requested, are:

* Planet and Parkedge - to cover Sebastian Park

* Glide and Emerson - to cover Bianci Park

* Willow St end, or Santee and Abb - to cover JP Riley Park

* Otis and Rockview - as I thought the tree coverage might not be too dense, and the camera could possible see all the way to Mt. Read, keeping our nicer streets nice.

* Otis near train tracks - to cover JR Wilson Park

* Sherman and Otis - near School #30

* Lyell and Cameron - due to prostitution traffic, as well as an access to Child St (JOSANA/POD/CHNA) and toward 490

* Lyell and Burrows - due to prostitution traffic

I do not know what order these should be ranked, as I would like to base a decision on updated crime stats/reports for our neighborhood, in some sort of graphed form. I think if we could see the "hot spots" as the police do, we could help them prioritize the camera placement more effectively.

~ Pam

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