Tuesday, December 1, 2009

KEEP THESE DATES IN MIND! FCWC - APPLY ON TIME! And please join with the Lyell 230 Group!

The next meeting of the Lyell 230 Group is scheduled for Thursday, December 17th at
5:00 p.m. at the Westside Church of Christ, 469 Lyell Avenue.

For more information about how YOU can help in this important endeavor, please visit: http://www.lyell230.org/

Please take note of just some of this group's recent successes!

Hello All -

The Flower City Work Camp is once again seeking applications for people that would like home repairs on their house.

I have worked with this group the last four years and during that time they have worked on over 170 homes in Rochester. To qualify you must be a single owner occupied of low income. Applications will be accepted until 12/15/09 by mailing to Willie Hillberg. In January they will go and evaluate every application to determine the 40 most neediest people of repairs that FCWC can do. People should know by the end of February. Then during Spring recess over 500 youth and their adult supervisors will go the designated locations and work for three days doing home repairs at no cost to the owner. They are looking for homes with a variety of inside and outside work that can keep them busy for three days. They can not do roof or gutter repairs that are above one story, but that is really the only restriction.

If you have any questions, or want me to fill out the application, please contact me. This really helps some of our most neediest people and really gets results.

I can be reached via email at stechnac@cityofrochester.gov


Councilwoman Palumbo's Assistant

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