Friday, April 18, 2008

Mayor’s Proposed Budget for 2008-09


May we ask you and your neighborhood newsletter to  include this information in your next publications.  I've sent it in two formats--Word and as pdf so it everyone should be able to open of them for their use. 

Ann Flynn

Ann Flynn
City Council/Clerk Office
City Hall
30 Church Street
Rochester, NY 14614
428-7421, 428-6347(fax)

I opened the Word document and copied/pasted it here for the LONA community:

Dear Fellow City Residents:

I am pleased to announce that the City Council is preparing to review the Mayor’s Proposed Budget for 2008-09.  In mid-May, Mayor Duffy will present this document to the City Council for our analysis, which I believe is the most thorough public review conducted in Monroe County.  This year we have scheduled two all-day budget hearings (see schedule below) that will be broadcast on City’s Cable Channel 12.  My Council colleagues and I hope that the broadcast will provide City residents and business owners with a close look about how we review spending priorities for the City.  Please feel free to attend these meetings in person in City Council Chambers.


Thursday, May 29

     9:00-9:10            Council/Clerk

     9:15-9:40            Emergency Communications

     9:45-11:10           Fire

     11:15-12:25          Police

     12:30-1:30           Lunch break

     1:30-2:25            Recreation and Youth Services

     2:30-3:20            Library

     3:25-5:00            Administration (NET, Law Dept., Mayor’s Office, Communications, Office of Management and Budget)


Monday, June 2

     9:00-9:55            Community Development

     10:00-10:55          Economic Development

     11:00-11:55          Information Technology

     12:00-1:00           Lunch

     1:00-1:40            Finance

     1:45-2:25            Undistributed expenses

     2:30-4:00            Environmental Services



We expect that the public hearing on the City’s and the City School District’s Budgets will be held during the week of June; the exact date will be available soon.  Council’s final vote on the two budgets will be held during the June 17 Council Meeting.


If you should have any questions, feel free to call the Council office at 428-7538.



Carolee A. Conklin

Finance Committee Chair

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