Tuesday, August 14, 2007

August 13th Emergency Meeting Minutes

SPECIAL LONA Meeting 8-13-2007 with Chief Sheppard, Commander Hoff, Lt. Prewasnicak.
Purpose: “Brainstorm the ways we may improve the LONA neighborhood”

Meeting was scheduled to start at 6:30 PM. It started at 6:45 PM


 - Commander Hoff informed us of the current Prostitute/John details. (2 per month)

- Chief Sheppard updated us on Cameras. (Proposals out look for late September or early October.

- Mike needs court docket to list on our web page arrests for prostitu so people can get this information. (It may help as a deterrent)



1.                  Warnings – "stops" for johns with known prostitutes

2.                  Legalization of prostitution

3.                  How do you do the “Bill Board” concept? (sending the right message)

4.                  Education for prostitutes - where they can go to get out of the lifestyle

5.                  Private fund for two police & a car to cover an area. (Not part of regular budget)

6.                  Grants

7.                  Photos online of plate numbers/johns in cars with known prostitutes

8.                  Ankle bracelets for prostitutes released from previous night's arrest

9.                  Health Department - currently involved with the LA230 group - FYI - The next meeting of the 230 Group will be at 5:30pm September 12, 2007 at Charles St. Settlement House.

10.              Parade to show the neighbor united

11.              City channel 12 - post arrested johns face and bio/info to embarrass them/deter from recidivism

12.              Phone tree (Neighborhood Watch)

13.              Pac-Tac  - need more boots on the ground

14.             Education for johns - what they are doing to our neighborhood and to their loved ones

15.              Compound for those who continue to spread diseases like AIDS/etc (actually happened in other countries - look it up)

16.              Put names/addresses in paper - Not only D&C

17.              Hot line # - Chief said for dispatch it may not be acceptable  (Duplicate 911)

18.              Live camera on Lyell/McNaughton and/or other "hot spots"

19.              Vigilantes (this idea was not encouraged!)

20.              Use ugly undercover decoys for John details (so they could blend in better)

21.              Youth (young adults 16yrs+) involvement - drivers with extra sets of eyes to text message and use camera phones, perhaps for school credit/public service hours

22.              Change laws - make prostitution have harsher penalties

23.              Check history - what has worked in other areas (city and county)

24.              Use businesses/churches for help

25.              Police support - more arrests, quicker response times

26.              Reports need to be generated for all quality of life nuisance calls (Crime information dispersed more timely to LONA - track patterns earlier, notify area/street's residents)

27.              Sue RPD

28.              Net support

29.              Support anonymity (as to who called)

30.              Beautify neighborhoods

31.              Occupy vacant houses - owner occupied housing encouraged

32.              County funds available to help our efforts

33.              Promote overall education in our neighborhood


Next meeting September 10, 2007 from 6 to 7 PM before our Regular LONA Meeting.

Come with your VISION of what our neighborhood should be when we are done.

What does Lyell-Otis look like at "the end"?

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