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[Grant Gives Kids Safer Playground]

Site of the new, improved playground.
Grant Gives Kids Safer Playground
by Bonyen Lee
photo by Chris Coffey
Published Jul 14, 2007

There's one more safe place for children to play, thanks to a $60,000 'Little Hands' grant from Allstate Insurance Company.

Volunteers built a new playground at J.P. Riley park. The Injury Free Coalition for Kids out of Golisano Children's Hospital received the money. Doctors from Strong volunteered their time Saturday.

The new play equipment replaced play parts that were more than 30 years old.

Doctor Anne Brayer is a pediatric emergency doctor. She wrote the grant when she noticed a need among children who hurt themselves because of bad play equipment or because of a lack of play areas.

"It's a safe place for kids to congregate, Dr. Brayer said. "It allows them to play outside, which is much more healthy for them than being indoors all the time. It's a great place for families to come and congregate - there will be benches for parents and a place for them to interact with their kids as well."

The playground also features a brand new basketball court.

For more information on the Injury Free Coalition for Kids, click on the link below.  

Injury Free Coalition for Kids
Golisano Children's Hospital
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 The official ribbon-cutting ceremony will begin promptly on
THURSDAY, JULY 26th, at 2:30pm!
Everyone is welcome to attend the celebration and dedication!
Please arrive at 2pm, as parking and seating is limited,
and have your children visit the Fire Department's Fire Truck,
and see a Mobile Police Command Center in person!

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