Thursday, June 7, 2007

We Are Loyal To LONA!

Have a happy and safe summer break!

Be sure to keep calling the Lyell NET at 428-7620, when there are quality of life violations, and 911, whenever you see illegal activity. They need your calls to build cases against the slumlords and "bad" tenants so they can be removed from our wonderful neighborhood!

Every call counts!  Each voice must be heard!  Stay ever vigilant!  Kemper Fie! LOL

Of course, you can also contact your friendly LONA officers:

President - Mike Visconte:

Vice President - Bob Van Sice: 458-3784

Treasurer - Mary Ann Batz: 647-2333

Public Relations Coordinator (and current Secretary) - Pam Davis:

We are always willing to help our neighbors document - with cameras and visual confirmations - any problems occurring on their streets. We will also add to the number of calls for service to 911 and the NET to help accrue nuisance points against landlords/tenants who are not adhering to our neighborhood's high level of expected quality of life.

Thank you for joining LONA and we look forward to working with you next year as well!

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