Monday, April 16, 2007


Mayor Robert J. Duffy today announced a new initiative designed to reinvigorate Rochester's neighborhoods. The online survey portion of the Rochester Citywide Housing Market Study is up an running. This innovative website combines carefully collected market data with a full analysis of the city's neighborhoods, as well as their financial environments and housing programs.

In addition to an online survey, the website ( offers several unique sections, including 16 interactive, thematic city maps on different topics ranging from changes in sale prices to code violations. There is a photo gallery of Rochester's neighborhoods, historic city photos and links to Rochester's neighborhood groups.

"This site will provide us with vital information," said Mayor Robert J. Duffy. "It will be a valuable tool for future housing policy and investment decisions. We are placing a great deal of emphasis on customer satisfaction as well as on data-driven policymaking."

The City retained urban design, architecture and planning firm Interfaith Studio, LLC, of Philadelphia, PA, to lead a team of local and national experts in assessing the housing market for the entire city. The study will include an evaluation of the social, economic and physical characteristics of Rochester's neighborhoods. The City's major housing programs as well as those of other local non-profits will undergo the study's review, as will the investment patterns of public and private dollars across the city. Rochester's lending environment, including foreclosure rates and predatory lending practices will be assessed. The market study will include over 70 interviews to understand the challenges and opportunities associated with Rochester's neighborhoods. Focus groups will be held with residents, community organizations, Realtors, developers, housing service providers, bankers and City staff.

The results of the survey and study will be a set of recommendations intended to guide the future planning efforts of City agencies, private and non-profit organizations around one shared vision and action strategy. When the study is complete, it will be published on the website for public review and comment.

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