Sunday, May 7, 2006

LONA Meeting Minutes of April 10, 2006

Lyell-Otis Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes of April 10, 2006

Meeting Began at 7:01pm


-         many members are absent as they are attending the mayor’s "1st 100 Days" meeting


Top 15 List - the four LONA officers drive the whole LONA area each month to report on code violations and safety concerns

-         drug houses / information is turned over to Officer Minnik at the Lyell NET Office

-         spring clean-up: please volunteer! Our area’s "Clean Sweep" is on Saturday, May 13th

-         meet at the Edgerton Recreation Center at 9am

-         pick up your t-shirt and enjoy a continental breakfast

-         sweep with your team until 1pm, then reconvene to enjoy a picnic lunch

-         garbage will be collected everyday from May 8th - 13th

-         if street light is out, or trees need trimming to clear power/phone lines, call 428-5990


-         was supposed to be from NET office on Lyell Ave to Austin St, up to Otis St, over to Cameron St, and back down Lyell Ave to the NET office

-         this walk did not happen; only walked on Lyell Ave

CORRECTION: The NET is currently walking and talking to the businesses on Lyell Ave. They do intend to walk and talk with neighbors on the residential streets after the businesses project is completed. - Thank you Chuck S. for this correction!


-         plans to demo homes on Broad, Saratoga, Grape, Smith and other streets to improve the aesthetics of the area

-         the "Clean Sweep" will be working with the PaeTec Park folks as well

-         rumor has it that PaeTec Park will have special PAC-TAC patrols; notyet verifiable


-         3 incidents where a gun was involved; Rockview Terrace location was a repeat; happened while resident was unloading groceries after work at 1am


-         two more Level 2's moved into our neighborhood; Edgardo Ortiz and Jonathan Mallory


-         "what to do" info sheet distributed to meeting attendees

-         NOTE: do NOT approach the house!

-         CPO Steve Boily is new to our NET office, but has worked in our area for 10 years in Maple Section, Josana and Westside area

-         looked forward to becoming involved in our neighborhood group

-         contact him at 428-7344 (Officer Vaghn’s old number)

-         Michigan St drug house has lots of cars, people counting money and passing items back & forth inside cars or in front of house (left of downstairs apt.), all different times of day

-         parking on wrong side of street; this is happening all over our neighborhood!

-         Makes it very difficult for other cars and school buses to pass; one offender is the handicapped van service that is there between 3pm-3:30pm near Bloss and Saratoga Sts


-         next year’s meeting location will be the Lyell Branch Library

-         there will be a big kick off on August 14th, 2006


-         Our LONA neighborhood’s event will be on the official National Night Out on Tuesday, August 1st

-         Our entire Sector’s event will be the day before, Monday, July 31st at the Edgerton Recreation Center


-         1 ½ years ago, Sector 3's Brownfield areas were discussed / studied

-         12 properties in our sector (only a few in the LONA area) had been condemned / contaminated

-         there had been previous ideas on how to clean and how to improve the environment

-         find out more about this online at:


-         books are still available for only $6.00


-         the budget was passed on-time for the second year in a row!

-         funds were requested to send LONA rep to PAC-TAC convention


-         Any Lieutenant at the NET yet? - no, there is a rumor that a Sargent will be assigned soon, as a regular officer does not have the authority to arrange other officers for needed operations

-         RE: PAC-TAC; if you want to join, call the NET office; a copy of the information from previous convention - which was over 500 pages of items, went to the CPO at the NET, another copy went to LARC; a report should be given to the group

-         there hadn’t been any follow up on the "school report" or the "safety for children report"


-         lunch program is serving more people;up 17% in the past six months

-         met with NET’s new administrator, Jose Cruz

-         Mayor Duffy is planning to visit CCM before the end of April 2006

-         State Senator Robach is the honorary chair of their fund-raising golf tournament

Meeting Adjourned at 8:31pm

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