Thursday, December 15, 2005

This is a helpful website that everyone can use to locate Level 3 Sex Offenders.

Enter your city (Rochester), state (New York), and zipcode - or leave it blank to get more results, then select "go".

You will also need to select "I accept" the terms of use.

Then "Click to PinPoint the Sex Offenders on the map", and you may need to use the arrows to move the map to be more specific to your particular street(s) of interest.

The zoom can also improve the map's usefullness.

I hope there are fewer of these people in our area each time you check this website. In my opinion, there are too many offenders near our city's schools, daycares, and playgrounds/parks. Please closely supervise and communicate with your children to keep them safe!

Please also check out our related page:

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