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LONA Meeting Minutes of June 13, 2005

LONA Meeting Minutes of June 13, 2005

Meeting Began: 7:12pm

Welcome and Announcements

Special Topic of the evening: Sex Offenders In Our Area - Mike introduces all: Jean VanIngen (Parole Supervisor), Deborah Jones Bassegio (Senior Parole Officer), Pam Weaver (National Center For Missing And Exploited Children, NY), and Officer Robert Jobe (Central Investigations Division).

Officer Robert Jobe (Central Investigations Division)

Monitors 600+ sex offenders in the city of Rochester

Police officer – tracks where they live/work/drive

Brief Overview of Sex Offender Act

-Megan abducted and killed in New Jersey 1994

-Each state creates their own registry

-1997 New York State Sex Offender Registration Act

probation or parole – must register

convicted, released, on registry – given level – score of 3 is the highest risk

given guidelines - in-accurate assessment, at times

-must register first time, yearly they must verify where they live by receiving & answering a request via US post

Law sends out list – not spelled out anywhere how or where to disperse

Level 1 – all information is for police only

Level 2 – more specific information given out: picture, zip code, what their offence was

Level 3 – exact address information is given out, as well as the Level 2 information

Police are not mandated to give out information – tries to get information to entity with a vulnerable population

Police are not the sole entity to be responsible for information dispersal

Volunteer to get the information out - there are more than 1400 day-care centers in Rochester

Level 3’s – every 90 days they must verify their address; 10 days to notify office of change of address; 1/5 have been arrested for not verifying their address --- Results in an A misdemeanor - low crime

2nd offence – judges are strict; results in a D felony – jail time is possible

Police have NO control of where convicted sex offenders can live

Others are watching offenders – probation and parole officers

Q: Carla Palumbo asked – search by zip code; is it up-to-date?

Level 3’s – some are covered by court order before hearing

Only Level 3’s NOT covered by injunction are searchable

Educate yourself – talk to kids/family/neighbors


Deborah Jones Bassegio (Senior Parole Officer) from Probation Department

2 components

1. When convicted of offense – investigation into background; education, work, family, victim

2. Disclosure to landlord, employer, school - probation officer verifies disclosure

conditions include: no loitering near parks, play grounds, malls, fairs, carnivals

how often they come in to office – 2 to 5 times per week

-home confinement – Global Positioning for Level 3’s – if judges are willing to order itsearches: officers check offenders homes to make sure they are not near kids; no porn or Internet connection

-assigned to an officer – up to 35 conditions must be met

-charged fees $30 per month to be on probation, register on SORAS, victim awarded money - hard to collect

-rehabilitation & public safety

-treatment is lengthy – 2 to 3 years, drug treatment, anger management

Q: background check – would it matter in their punishment; leads to plea bargain

Tools as to their supervision

Q: Level 1,2,3 – number of times or what factors

The offense, violence, ages of victims

Pam Weaver – not statistically validated


Sheila from Parole

Probation sentence given after parolee has served sentence

Corrections law – 1 day ‘good time’ for time served

Post-release supervision – special conditions - ages, etc

What was their crime – no judges’ approval

SARA Law – 1000’ away from school/facility for children, where the offender can, or cannot be

Monitor, curfew,travel restrictions

Parole supervision, curfew checks, breathalysers, screening

Q: Mike V. (Pres.) – 2 houses on Glide Street; Fran – Halloween time – no control re: children

@ 1000 offenders in the suburbs – most not under supervision

Pam Weaver – specific amount of time, then done


Officer Jobe – How To Protect Ourselves

Most states – A-misdemeanor – not a felony like in other states


Bob Russo – (National Center For Missing And Exploited Children, NY)

4 years, he has been working at the national center, previously spent 25 years working in the sheriff’s department

1981 – Adam Walsh - FL abducted/murdered, no laws in place at the time – no national entry

Katy Lou Borna – Auburn, started Adam Walsh Center National Center

5 branches, main in Alexandria VI, FL, Kansas City

Rochester – largest in all five locations – 275 Lake Avenue

Services offered: education, child events, free of charge

1200 cases reported in Monroe County – includes runaways, stranger abduction – last was Kali Paulton

1800 city of Rochester (first 9 months of the year)

-time is of the essence – 3 hours – 74% are killed – call 911 then call 1-800-THE-LOST

-5 minutes to intake – assign case manager – family, police, posters

-distribute posters via computer across nation

-400+ organizations participate, media – TV/radio

-Amber Alert program – NYS Police

Fine tune poster preparation – believe where child is going

Every transportation – bus, thruway, toll booths, etc.

-24 hour hotline – tip to contact authorities and follow up on tips/information

-all materials are free of charge – give to local scout troops, training facility – AV, etc.

10-12 classes per year – week long – across states, even Alaska

Canadian Mounties – pay to attend sessions

1st response – sex abuse

child advocacy center CAC - if child makes disclosure to teachermeet with child and school councilor, then hospital, then to zone substation, child repeats story 5 or more times – tramatizing for the child

CAC – ons stop for kids

Representatives from child protective services

DA office representative, police representative, medical team/lab

Victim’s assistance for child and family

Case is ready for jury

1st in Monroe County (Genesee County is 2nd)

sister agency – stop by for tour


Tips On Safety – common sense

"stranger danger" 80% NOT stranger – in position of trust

typical victim – 11 years old, within 400 yards of home, seeking independence

teach – tell others where going, plans

go with friend, know activities

encourage kids to talk to you

trust their feelings - okay to say "No" – encourage them to come to you


Come to the center – kid ID fingerprint


Officer Jobe

Encourage association and center to work together


LONA Regular Business:

Bob Stevenson - City Councilman

Prostitution Detail - 13 cars were towed – men were cuffed – 9 made bail

8 people on court watch to monitor the "johns"– 4 men from city, 9 men not from city, one reappears with lawyer

June16th - 3 reappear June 28th - pretrial conference

Lyell Avenue Business Association requested "johns" to do their community service - 8 hours 2 weekends Saturday and Sunday --- Work detail in Lyell neighborhood

1810 Lyell Ave - many were caught around here

budget vote on $1Billion – Leg. Asst. 5982 or 7538

Carla Palumbo - Monroe County Legislator

H: 647-4072

-meth labs – public safety meeting was great

-working on committee to address issue

Meeting Adjourned 8:34pm

Our next meeting will be held on September 12th, 2005.

Have a wonderful summer!

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