Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Letter sent by LONA re: Sex Offenders In Our Area

April 15, 2005

Mike Green-District Attorney, Dr. Cedric Alexander-Police Chief

Dear Sirs,

We, the Lyell-Otis Neighborhood Association, of the City of Rochester, wish to communicate the following points to you.

1. We understand that currently it is the City’s policy to allow convicted sex offenders on parole or on probation to live in neighborhoods with close proximity to schools, churches and day care centers where children regularly congregate.

2. We do not feel that this policy is in the best interest of our children, as we do not fully trust the individuals who have been convicted of sex crimes to be 100% without temptation, particularly when large groups of children are present and not easily accounted for by parents, teachers, clergy or other guardians.

3. We would like to see action taken by the City of Rochester limiting or more closely supervising the placement or relocation of these individuals into neighborhoods not closely located to children’s high-traffic areas in the interest of the safety of our children and the removal of the temptation for these individuals who are trying to re-enter society.

4. We are dismayed that we have been constantly referred to different persons or departments in the past when trying to obtain specific information relevant to this problem, and believe as City residents we deserved more direct answers and accountability and less dodging of the issue.


Respectfully Submitted,

Michael Visconte, President Lyell-Otis Neighborhood Association

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