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LONA Meeting Minutes of February 14, 2005

WELCOME - Happy Valentine’s Day


NCSA Fund-raiser

Kaufmann’s - April 12th : 6pm-10pm at Eastview Mall

25% off coupon, as well as about 6 to 7 vendors

$10 admission tickets - see Mike Visconte

aiming for Goal of $32K since budgets were cut

New Board Members - vote passed: Secretary - Pam Davis and Security - Franklin Louk


CERTIFICATE OF USE - presented by Gary Kirkland(?) co-coordinator with NET

This is a document required by businesses to operate in the City of Rochester.

- Certificate of Use: in 1996, this was originally created to deal with problem businesses

- program was recently re-evaluated and compared with other cities

~ new businesses must get Certificate of Use before opening

~ Certificate of Use is signed by Mayor

~ 200 per month - until 1st year is over - they are mailed out to existing businesses

~ NET oversees this process

~ they are up for an annual renewal - only good for the life of that particular business

conditional certificates were created

~ eliminates the power of attorney - only the business operator is on the Certificate Of Use

~ provides enhanced screening of applicants - more in depth information is gathered and kept

~ immediate ticketing - giving them a 30 day notice to comply

~ NET has the authorization to deny or revoke the Certificate Of Use

~ expands list of business types to include: food, bars, restaurants, dry cleaners, etc.

~ new stores: retail, liquor stores, hair and nail shops, etc.

Fee Structure:

~ $100 Certificate Fee - the separate $10 application fee is waived for current license holders

Conditional Certificate Of Use for problem location:

~ $300 application fee - are there any "points" on the property?

~ requested by recommendation by NET assessor

- can suggest better screening of customers

- NET can revoke without due process after notification, via court order

- they would then be ineligible to reapply for one (1) year

NET to review/assess applications

- can vacate that unit of the building

- police calls for service

- resident complaints

- nuisance points

- works with residents/neighbors

- strengthens the community

Question: What if the operator refuses to pay the $300 fee? Answer - Sharon C. of the NET: immediate ticketing

Question: Does the NET have the authority to shut down the problem business? Answer: YES

~ building owners could be brought in to assist in vacating the problem business

~ application requires disclosure if there are any other persons/or previous owners

- any falsification on application will result in denial of Certificate Of Use

Question: Why does it seem some places are open 24hours?

zoning dictates the hours of operation

example: R-1 cannot exceed 11pm C-2 area has a 2am limit - when applying, hours must be listed

- business can request a Certificate of Non Conformity: must show why they need to be open past 11pm

Question: How does the monitoring work?

~ each mid-month the list is updated

~ it is required that the Certificate Of Use be prominently posted

~ to make sure no business is skipped nor targeted, the list will be alphabetical

~ after the 1st year, all will have the new Certificate Of Use, or they will not be in business


example: garbage/board of health will enforce - also contact NET office

~ problem with a "mixed use" building - property owner will be brought in to enforce codes

~ business will be on warning

Question: How many tickets before enforcement?

~ property can be taken - after taxes are unpaid: LONG PROCESS

~ hoping for voluntary compliance

Question: Is the Certificate Of Use renewed every year?

~ 95% of businesses are not problems

~ fees are to pay for the program

~ no doubling-up on fees - example: $350 Entertaining $250 Amusement

~ business operator pays, not building owner

~ the C of U person has to be the operator of the store, IE: the one who is accountable

Question: How does this apply to franchises, such as Wilson Farms?

~ corporation’s regional manager or store’s manager on certificate - not the corporation’s name

~ Certificate Of Use is issued to "John Doe" - operator of the business


HOUSES LIST: Mike V.(Pres.) read - problem locations ready for demolition or other work: fines are growing!

Mike V. (Pres.): made note of some large fines - Otis St location owes $8000 - Willow St location owes $1100

HOUSING REPORT - Sharon C. of the NET:

~ "hopeful lights"- some locations are inspectedevery month via work order

Question: What about vacant buildings?

Sharon C. of NET: call us (the NET office) and we’ll cite it

Bob V. (V.P.): call us (L.O.N.A.) to add homes to the update list

Sharon C. of NET: trying to keep it to two pages

bold type is most recent action

HGW = High Grass and Weeds

"K" letter is sent before ticketing action is taken

talk to NET - give them a work schedule that will be done on the property


BURGLARY/ROBBERY REPORT presented by Policeman Joe:

PCIC Meeting - 1st Tuesday of each month for Sector 3 run by Captain Davis at 1099 Jay St - 7pm

~ home invasions are up

~ Officer Vaughn gave a presentation (6 incidents)

~ female victim each time, 50+ years of age

~ robbery happened during daytime hours

~ women were shoveling or had just returned home with groceries

~ perpetrator is a male between the ages of 20-30 years old

~ targeting the victims because they were alone

~ Officer Joe stresses awareness - neighbors know who belongs - home safety / personal safety

Crime Stats are complied by sector: Offers comparisons by year/month/etc.



4 new ones residing in Lyell-Otis Area

"Level 2" - injunction lifted - more notifications : Officer Joe will keep us up-to-date

SECTOR 3 PAC-TAC: van purchased, via Kodak grant, for use as a crime prevention tool

~ four (4) newly trained volunteers

~ Franklin Louk and Bob Stevenson trained on Lake section’s van

~ 31 volunteers = 1300 hours y-t-d 2005

Question: Can anyone drive the van?

Answer: Yes! No special license required

Comment: Snow shoveler coming around knocking on doors around midnight

Comment: Collectors at Mt. Read Blvd. and Lyell Ave begging for money - they claim to be from a church, but this cannot be confirmed - spotted on Sat 2/12/05

Comment: Snow shoveling incident at 10:45pm - the person came up Waldo St, van parked out front, two (2) women ask to "use your phone" — this was a SCAM!

Officer Joe: CALL HIM! Also, don’t take anyone’s word — verify work order from RG&E and such

Use your best judgement!


ON A LIGHTER NOTE: Sharon C. of the NET

Susan B. Anthony House — open to all, no charge, 11am-4pm on 2/15/05 (Susan B. Anthony’s Birthday)


CITY COUNCIL REPORT - presented by Bob Stevenson

CRIME STOPPERS - convicted felony fugitive flyer published in the D&C paper

~ $4000 each time — about six (6) times a year = about $24000/year

~ 78 were arrested in 26 days

~ $200 –> $5000

~ tips for warrant leads to arrest on murder charge

     - Three (3) given out this year so far!

March 24, 2005 — Phon-A-Thon

~ govt.’ used to fund the printing costs - but this has been cut

~ raised $72K last year (goal had been $17K)

~ held from 5am-7pm on WHAM-AM 1180 and TV Channel 13

~ help us reach our $50K goal for this year!


headed by City Counsel and Board Of Health/Dept. Of Health

$1000 — $3000 can help pay for lots of new windows!


County Executive Maggie Brooks - pushing for Pesticide Notification Law

~ 24 hour advance notice

~ legislation signed by Governor Pataki

~ to be voted on Thursday 2/17/05 at noon

~ at this time - not for drop spreader, spray application only


Two (2) gas stations lost right to sell lottery and tobacco products

$8000 assessed in fines to stores selling to under age by tactical unit working with kids

28 stores - no one sold to underage - held twice a year


city of Rochester can bid up to $26.5Mil

10% certified check needed to be able to bid


Civilian Emergency Response Team - activated when first responders are tapped out

- 20 people in Charlotte, 35 people in Maplewood - anyone is invited to participate!

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